Hassen Pruitt
Director of CX Engineering & Performance Analytics

Hassen Pruitt is an IT Leader and a patented engineer with experience in designing, implementing, and enhancing end-to-end Contact Center platforms. He leads an elite nationwide team that engages with our customers to expand and maximize the adoption of deployed technologies to meet CX and business goals. This team also specializes in optimizing solutions thru analytics to improve the customer experience. He is skilled in comprehending complex architectures, differentiating vendor capabilities, and leading projects end to end.

While at previous companies such as BearingPoint, Arthur Andersen, and others, he managed the design and implementation of contact centers, customer relationship management tools, and other enterprise-level systems.

Hassen brings a passion for quality to Voxai and, by extension, to our customers. Hassen brought the “Shift Left” mentality to Voxai well before it gained industry popularity, ensuring that Voxai implementations had lower overall support costs due to higher stability and substantially fewer maintenance issues than industry norms.

Hassen holds a BA in computer programming from Boston College. He offices out of the Coppell, Texas headquarters.