Our Genesys Solution for BPO

Say no to complicated processes and disjointed systems. We’ve got YOU covered.

We Help Your Agents Have Their Best Day, Every Day.

Voxai solutions powered by Genesys BPO make it fast and easy to deploy contact center infrastructure for your beloved customers.

Customer First

Achieve positive business outcomes with our results-focused approach to sales, implementation, and service.


Scale up and down, so you can manage call volume and shift agents to channels of their customer’s choice. Ramp up agents faster and keep them for longer.

Cost Efficient

Leverage our asynchronous messaging solutions so agents can handle more concurrent engagements without overloading.


Make it easy for agents to serve your customers with contextual and real-time recommendations – reduce turnover rates and ramp-up times.

Solutions To Help You Succeed

Contact Center Solutions

Our contact center solutions unify customer and agent experiences across phone, email, chat, text, and social channels – a perfect fit for your unique business, cloud infrastructure, and CX ecosystem.

Genesys Solution for BPO →

A composable all-in-one CX platform

Agent Productivity Solutions

Our solutions give your agents the data and tools they need to be more productive in each conversation to help customers with timely, accurate content based on their needs.

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Happy Agents Make Happy Customers

Reduce AHT

Save time on each call by resolving customer inquiries faster while enhancing wrap-up detail.

Improve Customer Experience

Give customers the effortless and conversational experiences they expect.

Boost Upsell and Cross-Sell

Serve customers efficiently and create more valuable cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Increase Compliance & Call Quality

Ensure consistent context and branding at every moment of the omnichannel customer journey.

Increase customer and agent satisfaction. Reduce Costs. Grow Revenue.