Industry Solutions

Modernize innovation to transform the future.

Discover how Voxai’s breakthrough technologies are transforming and driving innovations to meet the unique needs of industry-specific solutions.

A Large Federal Agency

  • 85% First Call Resolution
  • 20% boost in CSAT (year-on-year)
  • Improved organizational alignment

A Large Energy Firm

  • 30% saving through migration
  • 50% reduction in AHT
  • 25% increase in agent availability

A Healthcare Provider

  • Improved service experience
  • 80% First Call Resolution
  • 90% increase in NPS

Voxai Values!

Elevate every experience of user engagement.

We combine forces with Genesys to recreate experiences centered on a unique brand purpose that close the gap between brand promise and customer experience. With a laser focus on core purpose, we help our clients meet their customers’ needs, engaging them in brand-relevant experiences and shifting the focus from cost to growth.

Chose your Industry Path to Success


Rely on our secure cloud platform built inclusively to protect, serve, and meet citizen expectations.


Innovate solutions for electricity, gas, energy, and water companies transform to sustainable growth.


Provide exceptional experiences to your Patients with Genesys powered platform.

Financial Services

Voxai assists financial services in exceeding customers’ expectations and building loyalty.


Delight your customers by mapping their shopping journey at every touch point.


Make travel easier for your passengers, giving them a stress-free and personalized experience.


Improve student engagement by implementing solutions that meet their expectations.


Drive agent efficiency and productivity across BPO operations with our Genesys Cloud CX platform.

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