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A must-have feedback management solution for your CCaaS subscription.

Elevate Overall Satisfaction with Voxai
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Voxai’s vCX360 Survey is the perfect solution for you. Our top-notch survey templates are customizable with over 100 question types and language support, providing a comprehensive view of your customers’ experiences.

With Voxai’s vCX360 Survey, you can gather real-time data, assess customer satisfaction, and promptly analyze the information. Our solution empowers you to collect feedback and offers advanced reporting and analysis tools, such as text analytics, predictive insights, and closed-loop follow-up features, to convert customer feedback into valuable insights. Trust Voxai’s vCX360 Survey to improve your customer feedback surveys and drive your business forward!

A large federal agency made feedback part of their everyday business intelligence to improve customer experience.

The agency improved its feedback approach by adopting Voxai, using analytics and surveys to better understand customer feedback. Targeted improvements were then made, leading to better service and higher satisfaction.

Key Take Aways

  • Voxai empowered the agency to make feedback an integral part of their everyday operations.
  • The platform’s robust analytics capabilities enabled the agency to translate feedback into actionable strategies.


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Make Surveys Simple and Get Extraordinary Results.

Choose the perfect survey that suits your needs and increases your response rates. With vCX360 Survey, you can choose from a variety of survey options, including CSAT, NPS, CES, and custom surveys, making it easier to collect feedback through personalized post-call surveys that align with your business goals.

Utilize the vCX360 Survey builder, a user-friendly and intuitive tool, to create surveys quickly and easily. Customize your branding and survey design with available options.

Role-Based Personalized Dashboards: Unveiling Hidden Insights Through Powerful Data Visualizations

vCX360 Survey offers real-time data visualization in the form of interactive charts and dynamic dashboards. The displayed data is role-based, ensuring security and data integrity. Users can drill down to see the data at different levels. The charts and dashboards include the following features:

Key Take Aways

  • Survey summaries based on call types and processes.
  • Response rates categorized by survey, channel and users.
  • Satisfaction scores based on organization, business units, users and surveys.
  • Sentiment and context analysis.

AI-Powered Engine: Analyze Customer Sentiments with Precision

Slice and dice reviews for deeper insights into customer sentiments and context. Gain clarity with intent, sentiment, sentiment score, tone, emotion, and recommendations for each feedback. Proactively address negative reviews with timely corrective actions to safeguard your brand’s reputation. Harness the power of AI to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. Don’t wait until it’s too late – stay ahead of the curve with the vCX360 Survey.