Enhance your customer experience with a visual IVR featuring interactive and guided menus for improved customer outcomes. 

Mobile phones and IVRs are entirely at odds with one another. Responding to multiple prompts requires the caller to constantly pull the phone away from their ear to respond. This is especially difficult if the customer is inputting complex information or having difficulties with speech recognition. A web-based IVR is a solution to this contact center challenge.  

With Genesys Intelligent Automation, organizations can continually configure, monitor, and optimize the solution to enhance CX.

Web IVR Benefits

Improved Customer Experience 
Customers can enter information quicker and navigate the IVR with improved speed, reducing frustration. 

Improved First Call Resolution
Increase your first call resolution as customers complete their needs effectively and efficiently through the web IVR. 

Reduced Handle Time
With customers able to effectively complete their needs on the web IVR, you’ll experience fewer IVR dropouts due to increased self-service rates. 

Your contact center can benefit from a Visual IVR with needs like:

  • Incident Management
  • Billing Disputes
  • Service Activations
  • Shipping Status and more…

For a sample use case, please see our Web IVR brief here

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