Genesys Development Services

Your customers expect a flawless customer experience each and every time they contact you.

It is not easy to consistently achieve this expectation as contact channels multiply and technologies evolve in number and complexity. Compounding the challenge is the ever-increasing number of highly skilled resources needed to manage your contact center.

Voxai has the skills, expertise, and experience to help you meet the customer experience challenge with a range of Genesys Development Services, including implementation or managed services. Voxai provides a full life cycle of services from business and technology consulting, implementation planning and execution, testing, training, and three levels of managed services. Managed services range from augmenting your staff to support the platform infrastructure to full support of your contact center environment, allowing you to focus on your strategic core business.


Transform the way you do business. In addition to Voxai’s cloud or managed service solutions, Voxai offers an extensive array of services that will create, modify or upgrade your customer contact center technology — all backed by highly experienced contact center consulting professionals.


As a Genesys Certified Partner, we provide systems implementation, customization, integration, and upgrades of the industry-leading Genesys Contact Center Products along with our own proprietary custom software.


vCare – Voxai Care
vCare is an integral partnership service with our clients, which enables the organization to offload some or all of the responsibilities of maintaining its contact center infrastructure. For some companies, this may be as basic as platform monitoring, ensuring system uptime, or product break/fix services. But for others, it can mean completely outsourcing all system operation, administration, maintenance, and support activities. vCare service levels can be contracted separately or bundled to outsource your contact center support completely. Choose the right level of service based on what you don’t want to do, what it costs too much to do, or what you just can’t do. You keep control of what’s important to you and outsource all other tasks to Voxai.

Cloud services

“Should I outsource my contact center?” is the one question on many CIOs’ minds today. Businesses “Should I outsource my contact center?” is the one question on many CIOs’ minds today. Businesses have increasingly relied on the cloud for critical business applications. However, the contact center is at the very heart of supporting customers, so this question should be weighed carefully. What are the investments, payoffs, and risks? Does it make sense for my business?

Every business has unique contact center requirements. We work closely with our clients to determine the solution best suited to their unique needs by taking a partnership approach. Our technical and business analysts help you get answers to the questions about investments, costs, and payoffs to help you determine whether the right solution is cloud, premise, or a hybrid approach.

vInteract, Voxai’s Private Cloud

vInteract is Voxai’s private cloud offering customized to meet your business needs and fully managed by our skilled resources to ensure you can focus on the strategic parts of your business.