Grow your customer relationships with confidence.

Selecting and implementing the right technology framework to support, evolve, and manage customer experiences in your business takes a unique partner. Leveraging the solution suite of Genesys and a select number of other partners, Voxai can provide expertise and resources to build a technology foundation that will support customer engagement programs that cement long-term customer relationships.

Considering a cloud or hosted deployment?

Voxai hosts and manages some of the largest, most complex contact centers in North America. Talk to us about Voxai hosting or managing your contact center so you can focus on what you do best—serving your customers.

Customer Engagement

Customers engage your business from multiple channels including the web, social media, voice, brick and mortar storefronts, and more. Delivering on the promise of great customer service is a challenge as customers start transactions on one medium and then move to another or the contact center for assistance with concluding the transaction. Building seamless customer journeys between these channels is critical to ensuring positive customer outcomes and a long-lasting customer relationship.

Customer Engagement technologies include:
  • Self-Service
  • Inbound
  • Outbound/ProActive Communication
  • Social
  • Conversations

Employee Engagement

Smart companies recognize their employees are their greatest advantage. Provide your employees with the tools and programs to delight customers and turn them into brand ambassadors. Provide them with single omnichannel desktops so they have all the context and knowledge needed to serve customers across every channel. Make everyone an expert in delivering personalized service while increasing efficiency.

Invest in your employees to feel valued and empowered to do more than just their job. A workforce management strategy focused on agent coaching and skills assessments leads to happy employees, higher levels of customer service, decreased employee churn, and reduced operating costs.

From analysis to reporting to implementing cross-channel workforce management programs, Voxai has assisted some of the largest enterprises to build an environment where both the employee and the customer get positive results. And that translates to a positive corporate bottom line.

Genesys Solutions components used for Employee Engagement include:
  • Workforce Optimization
  • Omnichannel Desktop
  • Collaboration

Business Optimization

Companies who want to outperform their competition can invest in solutions which help them measure, monitor and improve their operational results.
Acquire the tools to gain visibility, identify and troubleshoot operational issues to ensure the best customer results.

Genesys solution components used for Business Optimization:
  • Pulse and G12
  • Analytics
  • Interaction Insights
  • Workload Management

“Voxai provides an array of hosted and managed services. From hosting and managing your entire customer care environment to just managing the day-to-day uptime of the hardware, look to Voxai as your Managed Services Partner.