Genesys Solution For Education Industry

Redefining The Higher Education Experience.

Blending Genesys Cloud CX, AI Solutions, and deep integration capabilities to provide exceptional student engagement.

Voxai Helps You Serve Your Constituents Effectively No Matter What

Contact centers serve as a conduit between a broad constituency and Universities. Prospective and enrolled students, parents, professors, employees, and alums use contact centers to learn more about recruitment, admissions, financial assistance, class registration, learning, support, and alums engagement.

Voxai Powered Genesys Solutions for Education is best for:

Universities and Institutes that want to improve student engagement through highly personalized experiences.

Universities and Institutes looking to lower capital and operating expenses while delivering exceptional student and employee experiences at scale.

Universities and Institutes that want to improve the employee experience by providing remote work options and insights-driven agent desktops.

Voxai Powered Genesys Education Solution

Features & Benefits

Student Success

Attract the best students, enhance student lifecycle, provide financial assistance and success management and create optimum results

Stakeholder Management

Listens to the Voice of the Parent, Student, Staff, and Alumni.


Connect with students or stakeholders on their channel of choice – voice, email, web chat, SMS, or Messaging channels

Seamless Integrations

Our application programming interfaces (APIs) can help you integrate with existing student information systems, HR systems, and contact center infrastructures.

Outbound Campaigns

For effective prospect targeting & engagement, fundraising, and emergency notifications to stakeholders.

Digital Campus

Aids student learning, improving campus efficiency while supporting a safe and secure environment.

Career Guidance

Identify & align with their passions and strengths. Connect them with alumni, peers, and faculty.

Always On

Move your operations to the cloud and enable a remote workforce while meeting key industry standards, including PCI DSS, ISO 27001/27002, GDPR, CADPR, and HIPAA.

Our Methodology

Stand on a future-proof foundation.

Why Genesys & Voxai

It’s a relationship for us, not just a transaction.

CCaaS Leadership

Industry leadership in Contact Center as a Service Technology, CX Consulting, and Digital Transformation.

Industry expertise

Genesys and Voxai employees and the Partner ecosystem are incredibly knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled in the education industry.

Global perspective

Decades worth of working with Higher Education customers on building student-centric experiences, stakeholder management, and digital campus.

Discover how Voxai can help your university or institute deliver the service experience your constituents expect by calling us at +972.691.3333.