Contact Center Managed Services

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(Optimized operations for your Genesys products)

Voxai’s Cloud Managed Services helps organizations of any size simplify contact center operations, enhance customer experience and improve service quality while reducing operating costs. Our services range from short-term Day 2 managed services operations to long-term application operation and administration of your Genesys Platform.

With over 18 years of contact center experience, Voxai provides a comprehensive range of cloud-managed services, including migrating, upgrading, optimizing, and Genesys-managed services and products in on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments.

With Voxai Cloud Managed Services, businesses have the compliance, security, and availability they need and expect, freeing up in-house IT to focus on core competencies.

Learn how a major US federal agency is delivering optimal customer and agent experiences with Voxai Managed Services.

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Service Flexibility & Scalability

Voxai combines a deep understanding of your Genesys managed services platform, operations, resources, and requirements with world-class managed services operations capabilities. Our integrated teams can rapidly deliver scalable cloud solutions to companies across various industries, working with leading cloud providers, including AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and VMWare Cloud.

Enhanced Security & Compliance

Voxai Cloud Managed Services builds and maintains a growing repository of operational, security, and compliance guardrails that helps you adhere to requirements. Real-time alerts and audit trails address compliance mandates through automated detection and remediation solutions.

Cost Optimization & Predictability

Voxai Cloud Managed Services model helps you make informed decisions with financial and operational insights. Voxai customers have enjoyed double-digit operational savings while improving SLAs, security, and compliance. Voxai also provides a cloud billing platform, which provides a holistic view of the entire billing and monitoring experience, allowing our Genesys customers to track resource usage and costs in a single unified view. This helps further analyze, manage, and optimize the costs of your workloads.

How It Works

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Voxai Cloud Managed Services are best suited for

Accelerated Cloud Migration

Organizations looking for smoother and more manageable lift and shift migrations and cloud-native application deployments. Voxai can take on full or partial operational responsibility for your Genesys contact center solution environment during and after post-migration.

Turnkey Contact Center Operations

Organizations seeking expert help to handle contact center infrastructure and managed services operations can leverage the features of a standardized library of configurations, tools, process automation, and controls built over the years.

Application Managed Services

Organizations looking for specific innovations, customizations, integrations, and day-to-day managed services operations can rest assured on our Genesys platform and their skilled resources to focus on high-value tasks of their business.

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