Self-service made easy with fast and accurate conversational AI

Multi-lingual, Omni-channel, Multi-Modal

No-Code Graphical Approach to Building Conversational Applications

Natural Language Analysis and Insights

Advanced Integration and Modularization Capabilities

Voxai IVA Solutions

Delight customers with intelligent, automated, and transactional conversations made possible by our AI-powered voice automation solutions.

Voxai Specialization

Customer service automation for Genesys Cloud CX

Voxai provides a standardized framework that enables seamless integration with Genesys Cloud CX so that you can have genuinely human-like and dynamic conversations with your customers, regardless of the channel they start or end.

Voxai is the IVA interface to millions of delightful customer interactions

Voxai clients are the leaders in customer experience.

US Federal Agency

Ultra consistent self-service answers with Voxai’s IT Helpdesk Virtual Assistant

Major US Utilities Firm

Elevated Customer Support for the Major utilities firm using Voxai’s Voice Assistant

Major US Airport

Providing customers with what they want -faster service & a better Customer Experience with Voxai’s Virtual Assistant

Read how our leading US airport customer uses our Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) to transform their customer experience.

Conversational AI platform built for scale

To deliver a conversational interface to applications, interfaces, and devices; and provide a natural language capability for automated service, sales, and support.

Strategic Differentiation Delivered by Voxai

Build Intelligent Virtual Assistants that work with human experts to fulfill your consumers’ intentions at scale.

Best Conversational AI Solutions

Learn from each conversation. You can train your Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) with ease and zero technical skills. We have an intuitive interface powered by our partner, Koopid, for this. No code – No pain.

Bot-human support

Get your team collaborating and acting, seamlessly transferring conversations between Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) to humans back and forth.

Guided Conversations

This feature lets the intelligent virtual assistants guide the user by providing helpful hints and options during the conversation. By carefully designing the IVA’s conversations, the user can feel in control of the Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) and can design the bot to take the user in a particular direction you want.

One IVA – Omni-channel Solution

You can easily connect your IVA bot to Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, website widget, etc. One Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) for all channels, models, and languages.

Know the “voice of your customer”

Voxai IVAs interpret conversations sourced from conversational applications, live chat, social, and other sources. This allows the organizations further to enhance their understanding of trends, likes, dislikes, and more through the analysis of customer interactions.


This feature provides industry-standard means of integrating with other applications and databases. You can integrate your bot with any LOB system and extract data from it.

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