Solve Your Company’s Data Migration Gaps

There is nothing more frustrating than looking through multiple systems and putting together what happened during a customer interaction. It is time-consuming, and the collected data often has missing parts that distort what really happened with the customer.

Voxai’s vConnectors transform 3rd party data like audio files, caller meta-data, CRM data, and other types of data by extracting it from various source systems, transforming it as needed, and pushing it into one or more target systems. This enables a customizable extract-transform-load workflow of your contact center’s data and artifacts.

vConnector is designed specifically to fill your data migration gaps. It is a software-based middleware, enabling data retrieval and transformation between systems.

  • Read and write metadata files across disparate networks. Compatible with multiple formats like Qfiniti, NICE, GQM, and Verint.
  • Move data between:
    GIR, GIA, Stat Serve, CME, Active Directory, 3rd party data, CRM, 3rd party surveys, Genesys GMS, Database, etc.

To get vConnector in your contact center, contact us here.