Contact Center Analytics that Give You a 360 View: Voxai’s vCX360

Voxai’s vCX360 is a closed-loop customer experience analytics solution for voice and text interactions. It is an easy-to-use tool to increase, gather, report and analyze customer experience feedback. The application works in conjunction with the Genesys framework to gather customer satisfaction levels across inbound, outbound, scheduled callback, and email channels. It syncs through Genesys GI2 for complete reporting and Cyara Pulse for near real-time dashboards.

vCX360 allows companies to analyze, report thoroughly, and adjust agent or organizational responses to improve customer satisfaction rates no matter what channel a customer utilizes to reach the organization.

Deeper Contact Center Diagnostics:

Merging survey results with IVR call data and agent data provides insight into the end-end journey of your customers. Analytics of free-form customer comments can uncover problems not surfaced in the survey. Data can be associated with agents to provide quality management and agent coaching, which are not typically part of a survey program. Reports can be integrated with enterprise reporting software that provides metrics and in-depth analytics within minutes.

Analytics Across Customer Channels:

Most surveys only evaluate interactions with Agents or the IVR, whereas vCX360 can be implemented against email or chat as well. This provides an in-depth understanding of your CX than you would typically get.


Unlike other survey applications where the customer is called back over a time that is a day or even a week after the interaction, vCX360 places the survey seamlessly after the engagement, increasing customer feedback rates.

Easy Administration:

The intuitive interface of vCX360 allows business users quickly build and modify survey questions without IT support. Rather than a one size fits all survey questionnaire, business users can tailor surveys to specific interaction types and easily change them on the fly as business needs dictate. Surveys can also be created and administered on a company-wide basis or individually for each business group or function.

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