The customer experience climate is challenging to negotiate in 2018. Customers are holding businesses to a very high standard. They expect interactions to be seamless and integrated and available to them on multiple channels of their choice – regardless of company size.

Many contact centers are falling short. Forrester’s report from June on the state of contact centers in 2018 shows CX is stagnating for the third year in a row, with no clear winners or leaders meeting what their customers need.

This might seem alarming, but for your business it’s an opportunity. Forrester found CX leaders see over five times the revenue growth of laggards. Customers who have great experiences with your company are two times more likely to do business with your brand.

The best way to stand out from your competitors and be a customer experience leader in your industry is to offer a true omnichannel experience. With the current CX climate, there is no better time to move on this objective than now

Multichannel was adopted to meet customers where they are, but with today’s tools, this is merely a half step toward a complete contact center experience, as evidenced by Genesys’ CX Maturity Model. Customers now want a journey with continuity and a low level of effort.

Though a company equipped for multichannel communication meets customers on the various channels they use, their experience will be discordant due to the siloed structure of a multichannel architecture.

This means your customers, many of whom will have used at least one or more channels before reaching out to you by phone, may have to restart their journey with you on every new channel they use.

An omnichannel customer journey is organic, personalized and easy. A customer may start his or her journey on your site or social media, transition to email and finish it over the phone, and the whole time this customer’s experience never broke step in resolution. It continued on each channel and required minimal effort.  

This is why Forrester’s report should be viewed as a moment of opportunity and a means to act quickly. Omnichannel instantly elevates you from other businesses. If you want to learn about the Omnichannel customer experience and how Voxai can help you, contact us to learn more.


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