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The full-service strategy leads you to a new customer experience frontier.


Years of customer experience


Successful Genesys Project


CSAT for Eighteen years


NOCs – Federal and Commercial


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Genesys Certifications

Total Customer Experience Reinvention

At Voxai, we’ve partnered with Genesys to reform customer experiences by aligning brand promise with purpose. Our approach empowers businesses to deliver personalized and relevant interactions that drive growth. Trust us to help you connect with your customers like never before.




Cloud Migration

Upgrade your contact center to the industry-leading Genesys Cloud CX with ease. Our seamless migration process ensures a hassle-free transition from your legacy system, empowering you to provide exceptional customer experiences.

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Managed Services

Our proven expertise in managing and optimizing Genesys-powered environments lets you deliver exceptional CX by simplifying operations and providing 24×7 support for your contact center needs. 

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Contact Center Automation

Revolutionize your customer service operations with our AI and ML analytics products. Take control of your customer’s journeys, measure their experiences, and easily monitor every touchpoint to elevate your contact center operations.

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More To Unlock…

Develop cloud-powered strategies that help you unlock new business opportunities.

CX Consulting

Our team of industry experts brings unparallel business experience to help you transform your operations and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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Professional Services

Unlock the full potential of your contact center with our team, transforming innovative Genesys products into intelligent solutions, empowering you to deliver exceptional professional services.

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