Voxai uses a hybrid approach to building self-service applications that leverage the best of platform vendor-provided development tools and other open standards-based IDEs. Our proven development methodology focuses on understanding our client’s customer base and demographics to design and deploy applications that deliver the efficiency and savings that clients expect with self-service functions.

Voxai has been an early adopter in implementing GVP8.x and building applications using the Genesys composer. The experience gained over the last two years in implementing these will allow us to mitigate the pitfalls and use best practices to get your self-service platform up to date.

All the leading platform vendors utilize the Eclipse-based development environment, which has proven to be conducive to enhanced tools capabilities by taking advantage of other open standards-based or custom plug-ins. But Voxai does not propose any “one-size-fits-all” speech solution to our customers. We believe that speech in self-service applications must be tailored to each client’s industry and customer base for maximum benefit.

We often guide clients in getting started with a graduated, non-disruptive approach that allows customers to get accustomed to speech systems and test and tune the applications further to enhance the caller’s experience and increase the self-service completion rate.

Self-service reporting is the key to a successful implementation in providing needed information about the return on investment. It is a critical measure of how the solution performs by identifying areas for improvement and tuning the application. Voxai takes a comprehensive approach to reporting by capturing all the details about the caller interaction and the caller’s navigation through the application to a custom data model that meets the client’s needs.

While standard reports can be generated from that data, we also build reports to meet the client’s needs. Lately, there has been a lot of push towards building enterprise performance dashboards for managers so that they have a snapshot of the operations and can track efficiencies on an ongoing basis. Our data model integrates well with the existing enterprise analytics and business intelligence applications to support the creation of such dashboards for the self-service IVR applications.

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