A dynamic contact center transformed by IP/SIP technology can instantly mobilize its resources to respond rapidly to customer inquiries. IP/SIP technology is a critical component for creating this next-generation contact center that delivers unattainable efficiencies and enables new capabilities that drive revenue and greater customer satisfaction.

By implementing a SIP-enabled environment, organizations gain cost savings, increased flexibility and efficiency, better management control, and the ability to upscale to changing business needs. Through the multimedia capabilities of SIP, contact centers can deliver fast and consistent service across multiple communications channels: phone, e-mail, chat, SMS, and even video.

Organizations undertaking this transformation process to an IP-based dynamic contact center must first invest time crafting a comprehensive multi-step “roadmap” to guide the company and the contact center through each transition step. This roadmap will ensure that business objectives align with technology solutions and address software and hardware issues expected in the IP migration.

For all the obvious benefits of the IP/SIP solution, Voxai Solutions does not advocate a rip-and-replace approach to bringing IP/SIP into the contact center environment. Instead, we work with companies to create a strategy based on their specific situation and business objectives to seamlessly transform the contact center from its current state to a future, fully SIP-enabled dynamic contact center.

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