Genesys Interaction Analytics and Recording Solutions

Interaction Recording and Analytics are powerful tools to help your business record, measure, and improve the customer experience. Most businesses have a defined quality process but still struggle with effectively monitoring and measuring voice and text-based interactions in significant quantities to truly understand their customers’ experiences. Genesys Interaction Recording and Analytics helps you securely record and analyze up to 100% of the voice and text interactions and can tell you exactly what is being said, distinguish caller from an agent, and categorize interactions into dashboards and reports.

This analysis is at a detailed level not previously possible and identifies areas of improvement which save time and money. A few examples include identifying and modifying agent behavior to increase productivity, coaching new agents, removing process bottlenecks, or revising processes to use automation. The use cases for GIA and GIR projects are many and varied and result in significant improvements to customer satisfaction.

Voxai Solutions has the most experienced and trusted team of Analytics experts in the industry. We provide consulting and training to enable enterprises to identify key performance indicators, transform them into topics and categories, and build reports and dashboards that show meaningful data and trends of what transpires between the company’s customers and agents. Customers leverage our experience to maximize their use of how to measure agent skills, first call resolution, customer satisfaction, etc., and make adjustments to obtain success.

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