Voxai was chosen by a legacy-rich financial services firm to transform its customer engagement with AI-powered IVR and self-service solutions.

Nearly every financial services firm in the world is adapting to new customer engagement strategies to keep up with rapidly changing customer demands and expectations, regardless of size or scope. Our customer is a forward-looking firm that recognizes the value of conversational IVR solutions to drive growth and delight customers.

Voxai will provide a wide range of services, including advisory, technical design, and development, to the financial services firm as it builds and delivers digital engagement solutions that complement existing contact center infrastructure and integrations. Our Conversational IVR and self-service solutions aim to resolve inbound telephone queries through natural, human‑like interactions that encourage self‑service and increase customer engagement.

Speaking on this, Sunil Rudraraju, CEO of Voxai, said,

“The financial firm cares deeply about its customers’ security, convenience, and engagement. We are happy to support them with our cutting-edge AI, speech, and natural language understanding (NLU) technologies.”

Sunil Rudraraju, CEO


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