Voxai Solutions Awarded Comprehensive Contract for Genesys Cloud CX!

We are thrilled to announce that a leading automobile manufacturer has awarded Voxai Solutions a comprehensive contract to provide services for their Genesys Cloud CX Migration. The agreement includes selling Genesys Cloud CX solutions, providing professional services for transforming their legacy platform to Genesys Cloud CX, and delivering ongoing managed services to maintain the solution.

Our team of experts will configure Genesys Cloud CX to meet the Customer’s requirements, seamlessly migrating their legacy call center environment to the new platform and providing ongoing managed services to ensure smooth operations and optimal performance.

As a NA Growth Partner of the Year for Genesys, Voxai Solutions is committed to delivering exceptional customer results. We are excited to collaborate with our new Customer and leverage our expertise to meet their unique business needs.

We look forward to a productive partnership and continuing to provide innovative solutions and top-notch services in the Genesys Cloud CX space.


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