Our team ranks among the most experienced in the industry when it comes to integrating business applications with CTI and Genesys SDKs. Voxai has implemented a vast spectrum of CTI integrations with various technologies for large enterprise customers. Such integrations range from screen pop into green screen emulator applications to the current web-based business applications. Our value for our clients is our team’s core understanding of the underlying APIs that are used to integrate with the Genesys applications.

We also offer a CTI desktop integration service that enables call center desktop applications to be enhanced with CTI capabilities powered in the backend by Genesys TServer. Both single- and multi-site contact center agents are endowed with call control capabilities, either through their CRM applications or within custom-developed (SIP) softphone applications, allowing for more efficient call handling (inbound or outbound) and integrated customer data management. This Windows application/service performs as a CTI adapter interfacing with the Genesys framework components/servers in order to bring CTI functionality to agent desktop applications used in single- or multi-site contact centers. The adapter also supports SIP in addition to the CTI/third-party call control that can be leveraged to handle voice in SIP implementations.

In addition to desktop integrations, Voxai develops customized integrations to all Genesys applications accessible through their SDKs. Voxai has built a custom softphone product that is a fully-featured application with call control, agent state control, and call disposition functionality. (Please visit the Products page for more details on the Voxai Softphone and its road map.)

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