More and more customers are moving away from interacting with businesses solely through the traditional voice channel. Customer engagement marked by the use of chat, email, and co-browse has overtaken the voice channel, and a fundamental shift by companies to support omnichannel customer care scenarios is required. Consumers connect with organizations in multiple ways and, at times, start in one channel and end the transaction in another. This is a new problem that businesses are only just beginning to understand and address to win and retain customer loyalty.

Our Voxai team has experience implementing the Genesys Digital solution suite in various corporate environments. In addition to transforming and enhancing customers’ multi-channel communication environments, Voxai has built custom desktop applications fully integrated with our client’s existing systems. These applications enable a broad range of media —voice, email, chat, SMS, Open Media (work items), and more — to intelligently route conversations through Genesys’ universal routing capabilities.

Voxai has proven skills and experience with the following Genesys software solutions:

  • Chat
  • e-mail
  • SMS
  • Social Engagement
  • Conversation Manager
  • IWD
  • Mobile

Leverage Voxai’s experiences with Genesys Digital solutions to increase revenues and efficiencies while reducing costs by orchestrating individualized customer journeys across digital channels.

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