Voxai has implemented advanced enterprise routing solutions deploying the Genesys CIM solution for its clients with single and multi-site architectures across the U.S. and other global markets. The ability of the Genesys routing solution to route calls across an enterprise-level group of agents with the most appropriate skills empowers companies to optimally utilize their agent population irrespective of their location.

Voxai has designed routing solutions for multi-level and multi-skilled agent populations and implemented advanced service-level-based and cost-based routing solutions. Voxai also has vast experience with traditional switch platforms (Avaya, Siemens, etc.) and their routing capabilities to design a backup routing solution for handling failure scenarios.

Our team of highly experienced consultants can help you to weigh the business advantage of evolving your current routing methodologies by applying advanced routing strategies designed to leverage the full capabilities of the Genesys routing solution.

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