The cloud is permeating every nook and cranny of business. From the contact center and c-suite, to the data center and beyond, change is at hand. SD-WAN provider 128 Technology and Voxai Solutions announced the pairing of optimized network connectivity with the Voxai Solutions vinteract cloud contact center platform. “Enterprises relying on legacy, hardware-based network technology are in for a rude awakening when they try to integrate their networks with cloud services,” said Andy Ory, CEO of 128 Technology. “These legacy integrations can be expensive and complicated, and performance for both the customer and provider can be limited. 128 Technology’s software-based SD-WAN edge routing approach greatly simplifies network integrations with cloud services, improves networking performance and saves costs.” With the 128T Networking Platform in place, Voxai can provide pocket-friendly, feature-rich and secure integrations to customers. In specific, the newly minted pairing will produce real-time call center services fail-over, the ability to layer vinteract cloud connectivity within an existing network and promised PCI DSS compliance. 128’s SD-WAN technology simplifies routing and security protocols, while delivering enhanced network control. “This partnership with 128 Technology brings together the best of both worlds: Voxai’s best in class managed contact center services and vInteract private cloud solution, along with 128 Technology’s breakthrough approach to software-based networking,” said Tony Jurica of Voxai Solutions. “We will be able to deliver reliable, high-performing contact center solutions while enabling our customers to eliminate cloud integration headaches and costs.” The contact center is a symphony of complex processes, technology and people working together to deliver on customer experience expectations. The cloud contact center migration is in motion, and SD-WAN is here to support the movement.

What’s in your WAN?

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