The World’s Leading Cruise Line Selects Voxai To Chart A Course For Customer Satisfaction.

Our customer is one of the world’s leading cruise lines in revenue and passengers. The cruise line understands that it must always be continually transforming to give its customers the best experience in the industry to stay on top. With Voxai’s Predictive Engagement solution powered by Genesys Cloud CX, the cruise line can respond faster to customer needs and effectively have a highly-accurate routing of inbound contacts, reducing overall inquiry response time and minimizing the long waiting times.

Voxai will provide a wide range of services in phases, including advisory, technical design, development, and operations, to the cruise line as it builds and delivers predictive engagement solutions in addition to inbound and outbound calls.

Speaking on this, Sunil Rudraraju, CEO of Voxai, said,

The cruise line deeply cares about their guests, and Voxai ensures that the cruise line benefits from top-notch service and added convenience across every touch point, internally and externally.

Sunil Rudraraju, CEO


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