Customers are the lifeline of your business. The quality of your customer experience impacts everything from your corporate reputation to meeting business objectives and revenue goals. 

Layering the voice of the customer in your contact center, collecting actionable feedback, getting a pulse on your customer’s sentiment in real time and seeing trends you can respond to now, rather than later, is a challenge. Watch our on-demand webinar here to learn how our vCX360 solution solves these challenges.

Lessons for a Successful Contact Center Cloud Migration

If you’re like many others planning a cloud migration, you see the benefits but worry about the challenges of implementation. An unsuccessful migration can harm your brand and your customer experience. Are you following the right implementation strategy?  Have you accounted for everything before the migration? 

Watch our on-demand webinar and see the best practices, processes and testing you need for a successful cloud migration.

Where AI and Automation Collide in Your Contact Center

During this session, Genesys and Voxai will discuss the challenges and opportunities of the evolving customer experience (CX) landscape. Traditional IVR interfaces and new digital assistants will be assessed as to how to drive better adoption of self-service while improving the customer experience. Our CX focus will include how Artificial Intelligence AI-powered digital assistants engage with customers using natural language, conversational interfaces to drive better experiences, lower costs and drive better ROI. ….

Remote Agent and Call Deflection Solutions On-Demand Webinar

Contact centers have quickly shifted to remote operations to keep their employees safe. Such rapid-response implementations may have left some quality issues and gaps in your operations. We’re here to ensure you know the options available to securely and effectively have your remote workforce providing the same great CX as before.….

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