Have you read Forrester’s Customer Experience Index for 2019? It revealed a spooky truth about the state of CX in 2019: Your CX is probably stagnant and has been for a while. “A whopping 81% of brands had stagnant scores this year. Many industry front-runners saw their scores decay. For the fourth year running, no brand made it into the ‘excellent’ category,” Forrester found.

Having 81 percent of brands stuck with stagnant scores and industry front-runners seeing their scores decay, we must ask: What is happening? Why have no brands reached the “excellent” category these past four years?

Doing What’s Easy, Not Impactful

Forrester found CX teams are choosing the path of least resistance instead of the greatest impact. “Brands starting their CX transformation can quickly improve CX quality by tackling low-hanging fruit. But once those obvious fixes are done, CX teams get stuck or have difficulty understanding which projects would have the biggest impact and prioritizing accordingly.”

Part of this stagnation then is from mindset and a lack future-thinking when it comes to the customer, though Forrester says it goes deeper than that, finding today’s CX performance is suppressed by legacy architectures, systems and processes.

This stagnation is a huge risk to businesses. While CX has mostly run in place four years in a row, the customer’s expectations have grown each year – and they will continue to do so. To the customer, what was acceptable CX from your business four years ago is grounds for jumping ship to a competitor in 2019.

We don’t need to remind you there’s a solid case for investing in CX. As Forrester says in its report, the ROI on even small increases in CX Index score is significant. “For a big-box retailer, a 1-point improvement can lead to an extra $244 million in incremental revenue, while a decrease in CX Index score can slash revenue and profit just as dramatically.” This is because happy customers drive loyalty and affinity. A happy customer is even willing to pay more for the same products or services – while it can cost up to 500 percent more to acquire a new customer.

The Road to Differentiated CX – Easily Doing What’s Impactful

These findings are spooky. But they’re also cause for celebration. How often does every car on the racetrack stall out? Now is the time to lap your competition. What moves are available to you? We can think of plenty of ways to resolve the challenges above.

  • Our CX engineering team will take you beyond tackling low-hanging fruits. We’ll infuse the voice of the customer into your contact center, providing differentiated experiences that turn your customers into your advocates.
  • Move past legacy architectures, systems and processes. We have a myriad of on-premise and cloud solutions that will rocket your contact center to the cutting edge of CX. Our cloud solutions are constantly up to date and new features are updated into your existing setup. You will be cutting edge the first day of your implementation and you will remain cutting edge after.
  • Support from CX professionals who know where you need to be. Our whole job is working with cutting-edge CX technologies and leadership. We understand your individual challenges as a company and provide implementation, consulting and managed services to elevate and support your CX operations.

Now is the time to take advantage of the current CX climate and break away from your competitors. While they are barely moving, you can make leaps by offering branded experiences that focus on positive emotions for your customers, differentiating you and growing your business beyond your competition.

You can contact us for a no obligations free consultation and see how Voxai can help you differentiate and elevate your CX in 2020.


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